Monday, June 27, 2011

So I decided to Create a Daft Punk Helmet

"Dude, you should totally make a Daft Punk Helmet" ~Drunken Friend

With Ultra Music Festival XIV on the horizon, I've decided I needed to make a Daft Punk Helmet just for the occasion. That and I've been dying to start some kind of project to kill some time.

I have decided to create a helmet modeled after the Thomas Bangalter helmet.

It will be created out of mainly Bondo and Fiberglass Resin and the LED configuration will be ran off an Arduino Duo.

I started off pretty crappy. I printed an entire 3D model onto cardstock, spent hours cutting it out and gluing and taping it together. After about 3 hours of doing that I used Fiberglass Resin to give it some strength and it turned out a little to small for my head.

Not to mention the ears turned out to be a bit too big.

So after some digging online, I found a better approach. I decided to print the Face/Visor part of the mask on Cardstock, and attach it to a Skateboard helmet. Which as you can see on the left, turned out to be a better fit, and give me more room inside to work with.

After creating my "model" I coated the entire thing in Fiberglass resin, sanded, rinse and repeat.

And then filled in the gaps in the visor with more Fiberglass Resin.

After getting a base of what I wanted, I gave the whole thing a coat of primer.

And then came the Bondo Body Filler.

Many layers of Bondo and hours of sanding later